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Christmas in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Arrived to Chiang Mai, Thailand on my birthday ( Dec 21) and I must say this is my favorite city in Thailand. Bangkok is way too polluted, Phuket is crowded and humid, but here in Chiang Mai, the weather reminded… Continue Reading →

Quests for Understanding the Universe

I remember when growing up as a kid, my mind was always filled with questions about the mysterious universe. I would be sitting on the sofa or lying in bed just thinking about where the universe came from, how big… Continue Reading →

War with Depression.

Another beautiful 3 day weekend spent in Union Square, San Francisco. The weather is nice and sunny but I am not all that thrilled about the breeze, that wind chill factor making it so much colder out here. Lunar New… Continue Reading →

The 60th Anniversary of The National Mathematics Conference.

It’s hard to believe that this past weekend was already the 60th Anniversary of The National Mathematics Conference in Carmel, a beautiful town located just south of Monterey. I thought it would be a rainy weekend but to my greatest… Continue Reading →

Happiness or Inspirations in life

” Are you happy with what you have in life?” This is one question asked of me the most. Well, I have a stable career, I am debt free, financially independent and get to travel the world for the past… Continue Reading →

Updates on dark sector of the universe and more relevant stuffs

Well folks, it has been a while since I wrote a blog and it is definitely overdue for another update. My summer travel was excellent and lots of fun as always. I feel that Kona, Hawaii is really my home…. Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Blog

So another Memorial Day weekend is approaching. I feel relaxed knowing that I don’t have to go back to work until August 29 and looking forward to my usual exotic summer travels, but we sure can use much warmer weather… Continue Reading →

The Ten Commandments. ( Mathematics & Science version)

Thou Shalt not divide any number by zero.  ( common sense) Thou Shalt not distribute a function operator into any parentheses. (i.e.   cos ( x+y) ≠ cos x + cos y ) Thou Shalt not reduce any fractions to the… Continue Reading →

Reflection & Resolution

Another wonderful Xmas and New Year holidays spent in Shanghai visiting my dear friends and also a visit to Taipei for the New Year count down. I had the chance to go to my father’s grave site and paid my… Continue Reading →

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