Another round of holiday season is coming up starting with my annual trip to Las Vegas in the week of Thanksgiving visiting friends while enjoying the exciting night lives in the city of sin. Then my travel to Shanghai in Dec to see ” the love of my life” and spending time to visit different parts of China. I miss her dearly. Time is going by so quickly and I treasure every holiday season travel that I do. Time is an element of the universe and therefore it is impersonal, uncaring and moreover, it awaits nobody. Make use of time effectively each day for it goes in one direction only. We will all become history someday but we just don’t know exactly when. Time is limited to us so it is necessary to take advantage of the limited time that we have to create meaningful purposes in our lives and to build fond memories for people to remember us by when we are gone. These days in my travels, I spend the time in making connections to everything that is in existence and to ponder about the meaning of the universe and why there is something rather than nothing. Along with this line of thinking, I also take the time to reflect about what I have done in my life and what more can I do to fulfill all of my wishes based on my own limitations. Yes, I still have a long journey to travel and it is never ending. I cannot dwell on the past for it is gone, I cannot worry about the distant future for it isn’t here yet and it may never come. But I do treasure the present, living in the moments, for it is as real as it can get.

Here I wish all of my friends a very happy holiday season, safe travels, and please spend quality time with your families, friends, and loved ones. Keep building those fond memories with each other while sharing everything with an open heart. Just remember, nothing lasts forever. At this very moment, time is on our side. Ahhh, I can hear it now, ” tick, tock, tick, tock”, the clock is ticking.