1. Thou Shalt not divide any number by zero.  ( common sense)
  2. Thou Shalt not distribute a function operator into any parentheses. (i.e.   cos ( x+y) ≠ cos x + cos y )
  3. Thou Shalt not reduce any fractions to the lowest term by eliminating common operator. (i.e  Ln y/ Ln x ≠ y/x )
  4. Thou Shalt not think time and space are absolute.  (  Special Theory of Relativity ,  Lorentz Transformations)
  5. Thou Shalt not treat energy any differently from mass. ( E = mc² )
  6. Thou Shalt not think the Earth is only around 6000 years old. (  radioactive carbon-14 dating shows approximately 5 billion years old.)
  7. Thou Shalt not think the universe is static. ( i.e.  Hubble’s constant, expanding universe, dark energy, field equation.)
  8. Thou Shalt not expect there is anything which can travel faster than light in a vacuum. ( i.e.  Special Theory of Relativity, and no Tachyons unfortunately.)
  9. Thou Shalt not equate association with causality. ( Correlation does not imply Causation)
  10. Thou Shalt not think the universe is loving and caring about us on any levels. ( The laws of physics are completely unbiased , unemotional and unforgiving.)