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Holiday Season

Another round of holiday season is coming up starting with my annual trip to Las Vegas in the week of Thanksgiving visiting friends while enjoying the exciting night lives in the city of sin. Then my travel to Shanghai in… Continue Reading →


Is Evolution a good thing? As a scientist, I always support Evolution for it provides substantial evidence about the origin of species and the development of life on this planet. Evolution is reliable knowledge over creationism and intelligent design so… Continue Reading →

The illusion of a God

As a kid growing up in Hong Kong where I attended Catholic schools from elementary to junior high, it was mandatory to study Bible History course every year and failing that would mean repeating the school year without advancing to… Continue Reading →

Quantum Interpretation

Quantum Mechanics was developed over 80 years ago and it brought us the computers, microchip technology, semiconductor industry and laser technologies. Despite how successful quantum mechanics has been over the last century, we as physicists are still struggling with understanding… Continue Reading →

Science vs Religion

I have been approached by people asking me whether or not science should include religion, and as a scientist, how should I be communicating with deeply religious people? Let me start out by saying that science and religion are very… Continue Reading →

The Nature of Science

As I said many times to people in the past that science isn’t about “prove” or “disprove” anything in the world. The nature of science is to formulate theories based on observations and to construct mathematical models to determine whether… Continue Reading →

Reflection ( Labor day weekend)

Every now and then I like taking the time to isolate myself from crowded environment with a mug of good quality coffee and contemplate about the universe including the meaning of life and all the abstracts. It is very different… Continue Reading →

Interactions at the Human scale

From all the people watch that I have done over the weekend focusing on human interactions in public, I came to the conclusion that interactions at the human scale are pointing towards Naturalism. Strangers come together and after exchanging some… Continue Reading →

A quick note from the father’s day blog

Just a quick note from my father’s day blog which I posted last week. At the end I mentioned ” nothing last forever”. Now come to think about it, there is truly nothing which last forever. Given enough time, all… Continue Reading →

Another day to remember and show your appreciation for your old man ( Father’s day blog)

I never had the priviledge to celebrate father’s day with my dad for he passed away when I was still a kid in high school. He was my sole financial supporter and he was everything to me in the whole… Continue Reading →

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