Is Evolution a good thing? As a scientist, I always support Evolution for it provides substantial evidence about the origin of species and the development of life on this planet. Evolution is reliable knowledge over creationism and intelligent design so it is a good thing. But when it comes to understanding diseases such as the number 2 cause of death in the nation which is cancer, evolution may not be very beneficial at all. Fundamental questions about cancer such as why it exists and what are its deep evolutionary roots can be very troublesome. The fact that tumors spreading so fast and the tendency to colonize remote organs to form new tumors is frightening. Scientists around the world are still trying to get a better understanding of deep theories about the evolution dynamics of certain types of cancer and how it decides to multiply in some particular areas of the body is still a mystery. We are currently exploring the evolution of drug resistance about why and how cancer cells develop the resistance to chemotherapy which involves the transmission of mutations. A better understanding of the evolution of resistance will lead to improved dosing regiments only if we gain more knowledge about how a particular cancer in the body is going to evolve over time. Some mathematicians are applying game theory to predict the rate at which these cancer cells are multiplying and to bring in a deeper view about the evolution of this deadly disease. Improved imaging techniques along with image-guided therapy will always help to determine if a cell is cancerous or not and to assess in the effectiveness of the therapy process.

In general, the combination of diagnostic imaging and genomic data are effective in determining whether the tumor is susceptible to certain kind of drugs. Theoretical physicists are often part of the team working with the oncologists, biologists, and radiation therapists because physicists are trained to work with data and developing mathematical models and theories necessary for a complete, effective therapy. Scientists working as a team are constantly improving the techniques of cancer therapies and to develop a better evolution model of various types of cancer so we can find a cure to  this deadly and frightening disease. ” Evolution” is a major interference and road block in cancer and it is definitely not a good thing in terms of that.