IMG_2356IMG_2459IMG_2486IMG_2662IMG_2720IMG_280712468089_950101828404225_2131340979_n (1)12483670_950101911737550_1359598515_n12463768_950101938404214_2091124178_nIMG_2671IMG_2738IMG_2802IMG_2887IMG_2649IMG_2887 IMG_2903 IMG_2509 IMG_2529 IMG_291510 facts about my kind of fashion:

  1. I love wearing my long hair. It’s been forever and these days it is getting even longer.
  2. I like wearing fried Denim jeans. They are cool and fit me perfectly. No baggy clothing for me.
  3. I wear 100% cotton shirts and mostly button shirts with collars. No ironing.
  4. Yeah, I love boots ( short or long), especially cowboy boots.
  5. I put on a tie almost every day whether I am at work or not. Ties just add a touch to everything.
  6. I am a color coordinating freak. Shirts must match the ties and jeans, and belts must match the boots.
  7. Vest is always a good touch to the rest of my outfits. I love swede vests. ( brown, tan or black)
  8. I put on my pair of sunglasses whenever I am outdoor even if it is slightly cloudy. I have many pairs.
  9. Wrist watch is a must for I keep track of time regularly which without it, I feel naked.
  10. Last and not least, a neck chain with a stone is always with me 24/7 even when I am in a shower.






Things I enjoy doing:

  1. People watch: I love observing people wherever I go. ( coffee shops, beaches, bars, parks, etc)
  2. Keeping up with the latest development on cosmology, particle physics and all the applications in today’s high tech and medicial technology such as cutting edge cancer treatments. It is my greatest passion of all.
  3. I enjoy giving professional presentations at various seminars to share with and learn from all other professionals. I plan to continue with it in the future.
  4. I love travelling and been doing it for the past 25 years to more than 45 countries in the world. I enjoy experiencing the different cultures and meeting new people. Many more exotic trips coming up in the next 2 years. Life is great.
  5. As a scientist, I like to speculate, analyze, calculate, and give presentations. But in the midst of doing all that, I daydream a lot such as at this very moment. It relaxes me and I am able to come up with more topics and contents for blogging.
  6. Last but not least, I love to sing. I am nowhere close to being a professional singer but I do enjoy music and it is my second life. The songs I choose to sing often express my heart. It is only through music which I find very effective in expressing myself to others.


Facts about me:

  1. In general, I am a cautious person. I don’t rush into things. My decision making is not based on emotion at all.
  2. I don’t like people who are too persuasive.
  3. I absolutely cannot stand people who are control freaks. Those kind of people are very insecure about themselves.
  4. I am a self-motivated person. When I am ready to do something, I’ll get it done on my own. No one else can motivate me.
  5. Do not let the domain name of my website fool you. I don’t procrastinate at all on anything. As a matter of fact, I get things done almost immediately upon making up my mind. I don’t believe in wasting time and I consider myself very efficient. It can be quite intimidating to others.
  6. I hate pretentious people. Be yourself and say things that you really mean it or don’t say anything at all.
  7. I have absolutely no expectations from others no matter what I have done for them. They are not obligated in anyways to pay me back or do anything that are not in their favor.
  8. I don’t like people who take advantage of others under any circumstances.
  9. When you help people, don’t ever think you can overpower them just because they are in some unfortunate situations. I don’t ever take advantage of that situation to make them feel obligated for anything because that is low, low, low, really low
  10. I am probably not a very approachable person at time, but I don’t ever double cross people. I tell you things the way they are. You may or may not like it, but at least I am honest about it without any motives or having any agendas.
  11. I treasure my life and every magical moment that I live. I value my friends, ( not by the quantity, but the quality ). They are friends for life.
  12. There’s no such thing as 100% perfect life as much as 100% imperfect life. No matter what situations we are in, there is always a light which you don’t always see. Sometimes it shines very bright, other time can be dim. But there is always a light, don’t ever let it go out. Don’t be afraid to fall when you are on your way to the light. We all have fallen, but getting back up is what we call living. Follow your heart and the light, you can all make it. If I  can make it in the world to this day, then anybody can do it. Trust me, you can only do better.
  13. I love music and I cannot live without it. If I have to choose between physics and music at gun point, then I will choose music. Songs I listen help to express my heart and the words I use in blogging also help expressing my character.
  14. To this very day, I still have a light and a journey to follow. My father once said to me ” son, you have to pave your own paths in life for they are not paved for you to walk on .” He was so right.
  15. I am not good at expressing myself to others, but I hope that doesn’t make me any lesser of a person. I have buried my feelings for such a long time for survival purposes and overcoming obstacles in life, and now I find it difficult in recovering what I have hidden in all these years. Well, at least you know the songs I listen to and the words I use in my blogging. Maybe, and just maybe someday you will have another chance to get to know me  better.


Goals: Continue to travel to different parts of the world and experience the diversity of cultures in enriching my life and relocate in Kona, Hawaii to taking it slow in life.



Favorite quote:  To impress people, tell them about your victories. To inspire people, you have to tell them about your defeats.

:  Live life to the fullest. We live to die, but not too many people who died have lived.

“Bayesian science” works both ways.

  1. Given all the right ingredients, the proper conditions and the matching moment, the chance of succeeding is extremely high.
  2. Given all the deficiencies, the improper conditions and the disadvantages, one has to put in a great deal of work in order to establish some likelihood of success, and therefore the chance of succeeding is far less than the above.

In summary, the right ingredients and the proper conditions pretty much speak for themselves to succeed and we tend to call it “luck”.

I have always been in category 2. No complaints, just stating the fact.

Working hard has helped to make up some of my own deficiencies for I am not a gifted person by nature. Nothing has ever come easy for me but I do appreciate where I am today.

I do need to learn how to express myself more to others even if the conditions are not in my favor. I cannot be too calculated all the time. Life is too short for that.

Regardless of what we do for a living, the key is to be able to contribute something good to the society and make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Build good memories while we are alive and leave those fond memories with people to remember us by when we are gone. That is also a form of contribution.

Accept what’s in the past for you cannot change but only learn from it. Plan for the future but realize that tomorrow may never come. Most importantly, live and treasure what’s in the present for it is real. Live at the moment.

“Trustworthy” is perhaps, the most important quality within a person. It is only when trust is established, competence and confidence can be used for evaluation of any individual. Without the trust from other people, you can not go very far. Stay away from people who are manipulative for they can never be trusted.

Stay strong, stay positive and accept your own limitation. High expectations usually lead to disappointment.

It is a gift that you are a forgiving person. However, forgive is not forget.

I don’t need dramas in life for I have seen too much of it in my messed up family. I declare free of all dramas at this point in my life and will certainly stay that way til my last day on Earth.

We all have some sorts of struggles with failures from time to time and I am no exception, but we get stronger each time and come out better. My life is at its best ( stable career, travelling the world, debt free, free from all dramas).

Tragedies are tools for human to gain wisdom.

Music is keeping me sane and without it, I would be lost.

Physics is keeping me informed and without it, I would be bored.

Open communication and honesty are what it takes to keep a relationship going. Of course no 100% certainty that it will last forever. There are too many other complicated factors acting as decoherence to breaking up relationships, meaning no more entanglement between the couples.  ( quantum mechanical terms ).

Failure is an intermediate step leading to success.

I am definitely a precrastinator meaning I will complete tasks way in advance and often jump ahead of my own schedules.

I do have a few strong characters.   1) I am trustworthy

2) I am responsible

3) I don’t take advantage of anyone under any circumstances

4) I don’t have GREED in me

Other than that, there is nothing impressive about me.

I must admit that I am not much of a conversationist. I was very quiet all the time and my family members can attest including my dad if he is still alive today. My career as an educator has changed me a great deal. These days when I make a presentation in front of a crowd, I can talk forever longer than anyone that I know of without fear. But aside of my work, I am still fairly quiet whether I am sitting at the bar, in the coffee shop, or having dinner with friends. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the company, it’s just the way I am, my nature thinking about the universe and the meaning of existence. Just me!!












Pictures taken from Spain, Morocco, China, Scotland, England.


Some of my favorite songs: