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Morro Bay on Father’s Day

This is the first time I am spending Father’s Day in Morro bay as I usually be in Vegas by now during the month of June to kick start my summer holidays. Morro Bay is a nice town but not… Continue Reading →

New Year Resolution

Another New Year spent in Las Vegas and I stayed away from downtown Fremont St as I knew it was going to get crazy over there and I decided to go to Rum Runner, a local bar on E Desert… Continue Reading →

On the Scientific Truths

Another December 21 spending in Las Vegas and of course the day is not all that special as I am not even considering telling my friends here that it is my birthday because there is nothing worth celebrating other than… Continue Reading →

How significant is December 21

Once again I am back to the vibrant city of Las Vegas for Christmas but unlike any other holidays, instead of pondering about the universe, I looked at the calendar to realize today is December 21 so my thought immediately… Continue Reading →

Oceanside 2022

Since Las Vegas is known as Sin city, well, Oceanside should be called Holy city ( don’t get me wrong, I don’t see any Churches and Halo is not part of my attire) This is the first time I am… Continue Reading →

Las Vegas ( father’s day of summer 2022)

This is my first blog of the year 2022 since last Dec. Guess where I am now in the summer of 2022? Well, it isn’t a very difficult question as you know I am back to my favorite sin city… Continue Reading →

Christmas and New Year in Las Vegas

Another year spending Christmas here in the city of sin ( Las Vegas) despite the spike in Covid 19 once again and it seems like this pandemic will never go away at anytime soon but to remain and continue to… Continue Reading →

Naturalism Vs Theism ( 2021 Summer Blog)

A fair portion of my life has been exposed to the western religion. I went to Catholic schools from K to 8 while growing up in Hong Kong and it was mandatory to take religion class every year without ever… Continue Reading →

Post Covid In Las Vegas

Once again I am back to my favorite city of sin ( Las Vegas) for the month of June. First of all, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads for the unconditional love and support you… Continue Reading →

Xmas in Las Vegas

I must admit that I am very fortunate to be able to travel to so many different countries in the past 30 years from Asia to Europe, Australia to Africa, and the United Kingdom for Xmas holidays and summer vacations…. Continue Reading →

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