Month January 2016

Mysterious connection of Pi and Quantum Mechanics.

How can anyone not recognize Pi (π) which is the most well known transcendental number in mathematics? It is defined as a ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circles and it appears frequently in geometry when we… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Nobody

Her birthday has gone by And nobody sent her a present Nobody thinks of her that way Another Xmas and New Year have gone by And nobody was there to celebrate with her Nobody cares about her that way She… Continue Reading →

Are wave functions real? Objective reality vs subjective state of knowledge about the observer.

Quantum Mechanics is by far the best theory in describing the subatomic world. It is the physics applicable to particles no larger than the size of an atom. Quantum physics has given us the microchip technology, the computers, the cellular… Continue Reading →

On Dark Energy

From my previous blog on the legacy of Albert Einstein, he formulated the General Theory of Relativity in 1915 and became a celebrity in the world of science. General Relativity says that mass affects the shape of space and the… Continue Reading →

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