So another Memorial Day weekend is approaching. I feel relaxed knowing that I don’t have to go back to work until August 29 and looking forward to my usual exotic summer travels, but we sure can use much warmer weather than this. I worship the sun and enjoy the hot weather. Las Vegas in the month of June is just miserably hot but I love the city of sin where I simply stay indoor or driving with the air conditioner in full blast. However when I go backĀ  to the Big Island in Hawaii for the month of July , the weather will be more lovely and everyday I will be relaxing at the condo up on the hill on the golf course in Waikoloa village, mingling with people at the hot tub social hours, taking sunset swims at the nearby beach and driving around the island to see the local villages as well as some sort of night lives in downtown Kona. I love visiting Hawaii especially the Big Island for it isn’t as touristy compare to other islands. In general, people in Hawaii are friendly, food is excellent and the beaches are the best in the world. Yes, another fun trip is heading my way.

I look at Memorial Day as a time for me to reflect and refresh my memories of the past and what I learned from to fulfill my present moment in life and perhaps build better future for myself. We all have good and bad memories of the past. I use the bad memories to appreciate where I am today and not to make the same mistakes so I can be better in the future. As I often tell people that tragedies are tools for human to gain wisdom, I am not getting any wiser these days but my mind is getting clearer. I know who my true friends are ( not very many), qualities over quantities. In my life I dealt with lots of people who were very clever, but cleverness in taking advantages of your friends, relatives and family members is what I called a deceit. I cherish the memories of those good people who are no longer with me while the deceiving people are still roaming around on the face of the planet. It is what it is and I come to accept the world as is. I am thankful to be where I am today despite of all the struggles in the past, but they made me a better person today. The struggles today are no where near what they were in the past, but I am sure it’ll make me an even better person tomorrow. There is no end to learning but we have to come to accept that life will come to an end for all of us and we will become history someday and be part of someone else’s memories, ( hopefully good ones). We want to leave fond memories with people to remember us by and it is precisely why life is so precious because it won’t last forever. Make something good out of it, create meaningful purposes, go accomplish something and contribute it to the world for the next generation. Wishful thinking such as “a Supreme Being out there will be watching over us and granting us eternal life after death” isn’t reliable. Human Beings aren’t all that smart for we are subject to all sorts of biases such as false hopes and we tend to be wishful thinkers. To find out what is out there and learn about it, we need to go look and observe, not just sitting here and speculate about reasons for everything that happened. Humans are nothing other than just the by-products of star dust and heavy elements from supernovae, but we have come a long way through evolution. No matter how perfect we are, everything will come to an end and nothing lasts forever, not even the universe. ( Refer to my latest blog on the Quests for understanding the Universe).

Life is precious, is limited, and is unpredictable while we are living it. Continue building good memories while we are still here, and use the bad memories to correct ourselves and make us appreciate having the good life. The universe does not care about you at all, only the true loved ones within your limited life time care about you unconditionally and none of them will last forever. Make every day a Memorial day for you to remember the good people you come to know, the magical moments you spent with your loved ones and even the bad memories that made you a better person today. They all matter. For me, I make every day a Memorial day for the above reasons, every day a father’s day to remember his contributions to me, every day a Valentines day to remember those sweet and unforgettable moments spending with her. I love my life and I am living it to the fullest every day with three items in mind. 1) Do not dwell too much into the past for I can’t change what happened. 2) Make plans for the future but realizing tomorrow may not come to me. 3) Live at the moment for the present state is the only real experience and I cherish as much as possible before it becomes history. The universe evolves and continue to march on from one moment to the next which reflects only upon the present state conditions . It neither aims for the future nor relying on the past and I am living my life just like this wonderful and mysterious universe while continuingĀ  with my journey in seeking all the answers about it. I wish you all a happy and safe 3-day Memorial day weekend!!!