Once again I am back to my favorite city of sin ( Las Vegas) for the month of June. First of all, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads for the unconditional love and support you have provided to your kids and I know it is ongoing and that’s why you all deserve the best rewards. How much I wish my father is still around and I know he would have enjoyed Las Vegas because it is such a glamorous city filled with great diversity of people from all over the world and the fact that I come to know this town so well, every inch of it. He would be delighted touring the city with me as his guide to watch the shows, dining at fine restaurants, sipping coffee on a lazy afternoon just chatting about current events. Of course, I was never able to accomplish any of those things for he passed away while I was still in high school, but the thoughts of being able to do those kind of things with him is just pure fantasy now. I do envy those people who can still do those kind of things with their fathers. Treasure every magical moment spending the time with your dads to build fond memories for the future.

Covid seems to be in the past when I got in to Las Vegas 3 days ago as if Covid has never hit or even existed in this city. Everywhere is packed to 100% capacity including casinos, hotels restaurants, bars, shops, salons, gyms, and of course the horrific traffic on the roads very much like driving in any Asian country. The city is definitely booming and so are the prices in everything. Yes, inflation is hitting like the heatwave, but it is all good and I don’t mind paying a higher price just knowing that this city is back in business filled with tourists from around the world. I am just the usual consumer since I don’t gamble but contributing to the economy in this city of sin. I am finally able to do what I love the most, that is having coffee inside Starbucks while reading my book with full blast air conditioning , what a treat this time! The live bands are back in downtown Fremont St every night and this is exactly the Las Vegas I know when coming here on a regular basis for the past 23 years. People come to appreciate the city even more after the recovery of Covid lock down. Tragedies are tools for people to gain wisdom.

I live a very colorful life, not always happy and glamorous, in fact; far away from it. I learned a lot from the mistakes and bad choices I made and come to appreciate the kind of good life I have while not comparing myself with those very fortunate people in the world. I only look at what I have compare to those dark days I lived through and appreciate all the simple things that I have which money can’t buy. I am free, debt free, dramas free and that alone is what I value the most. When people ask me name one thing that is more important than money and my reply is freedom. Life is good but remain challenging as always and it isn’t a bad thing at all. Life is unpredictable and we have to make the best of it and make it worth living. We create our own meanings and purposes to make life worth living for ourselves, not sitting around and be dictated by some supreme beings as to why we are here and therefore what we must do to fulfill His wishes. Life would be meaningless if being dictated rather than having the freedom to make choices.and learn from it as we move along. Very simple elementary history course. To me, you don’t really have lived your life if everything is so perfect from day one and you never have to struggle to be any better. However, if you struggle to overcome obstacles, keep getting back up after you have fallen, that’s what I called living. We always have rooms for improvement and living our lives provide us with the opportunities to make better choices and to appreciate what we have accomplished. Life is descriptive, not prescriptive and this is also true about science as we will never get to solve all the mysteries about our universe, but finding out a little bit more as we are still here and get to learn a bit more about the universe is a good thing. My next blog on ” Naturalism vs Theism” will address the differences between the two beliefs. Stay tuned while enjoying your summer holidays and once again Happy Father’s Day from the glamorous Las Vegas.