Her birthday has gone by

And nobody sent her a present

Nobody thinks of her that way

Another Xmas and New Year have gone by

And nobody was there to celebrate with her

Nobody cares about her that way

She had a quarrel with her friend yesterday

And nobody was there to defend her

Nobody supports her that way

She won the opera award today

And nobody was there to congratulate her

Nobody shares with her that way

She shed another tear today

And nobody is there to comfort her

Nobody loves her that way

She wants to open up herself to others

And nobody is here listening to her

Nobody understands her that way

She is once again depressed today

And nobody is here to console her

Nobody sympathizes her that way

To all the nobodies out there

I thank you for all of your care about her

How happy she is to be loved by those nobodies

Then the darkness and loneliness once again fall upon her

only to realize that there is really nobody in her life.