From all the people watch that I have done over the weekend focusing on human interactions in public, I came to the conclusion that interactions at the human scale are pointing towards Naturalism. Strangers come together and after exchanging some forms of introductions, they became acquaintances. Previous acquaintances come together and developed further close relationships and eventually leading to various forms of intimacy on all levels. In fact, this is how people build networking in our society resulting in friendships, significant relationships, building families, and in the work force, building corporations. All of these interactions are following the law of entropy from low to high and naturally developing complexities without the need of any divine interventions. As a matter of fact, it is much more reasonable and logical to explain naturalistic events compare to supernaturalistic ones in which the latter raises more questions than answers. Nature seems to prefer going from low entropy to high entropy on all levels. Besides human interactions, the free energy coming from the sun that we all use comes in low entropy and we use it to produce work ( lifting objects, exercising, gardening, etc) and at the end, we return the useless energy back to the universe in the form of heat at high entropy. ( Dr Sean Carroll explained it very well in his new book.) Even the quality IPA beer that I consumed over the weekend in Union Square, San Francisco where I went from a perfect sober state ( low entropy) to a slight buzzed state ( high entropy) , it shows the increase in entropy. ( slight is the best description and it was a good thing that I did not let the entropy reached equilibrium or my friends who care about me would advise me not to get too disorderly out there, Haha.) So the law of entropy interwine with the arrow of time is precisely what it takes to bring life into existence on Earth, developing the necessary complexities that we see around us every day. Here I am only referring to the earthly life organisms as we know it. According to other mathematical models, there might very well be other life forms in the universe requiring the same law of entropy in developing their necessary complexities. So it is much easier to think of lives being abundant in the vast universe based on the natural laws of physics rather than thinking of a ” supreme being” who only brought life forms to earth with a specific purpose in mind. This concept of an infinite being is much more difficult for human mind to conceive. In my blog ” Naturalism vs Theism”, I will be discussing more about the Megaverse arguments to show not only it satisfies the requirement of ” principle of sufficient reasons”, but also to show ” fine tuning” isn’t all that compelling and life as we know it in this particular universe isn’t mysterious. The Megaverse argument ¬†points to a universe like ours is actually very probable. Stay tuned and have a nice weekend enjoying the sunny weather. Keep in mind that the use of free energy for us to get whatever we need to get done is a gift from the universe. All life forms on Earth including us and the interactions at the Human scale make use of the law of entropy going from low to high and that we are here to talking about it.