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The Nature of Science

As I said many times to people in the past that science isn’t about “prove” or “disprove” anything in the world. The nature of science is to formulate theories based on observations and to construct mathematical models to determine whether… Continue Reading →

Reflection ( Labor day weekend)

Every now and then I like taking the time to isolate myself from crowded environment with a mug of good quality coffee and contemplate about the universe including the meaning of life and all the abstracts. It is very different… Continue Reading →

Interactions at the Human scale

From all the people watch that I have done over the weekend focusing on human interactions in public, I came to the conclusion that interactions at the human scale are pointing towards Naturalism. Strangers come together and after exchanging some… Continue Reading →

A quick note from the father’s day blog

Just a quick note from my father’s day blog which I posted last week. At the end I mentioned ” nothing last forever”. Now come to think about it, there is truly nothing which last forever. Given enough time, all… Continue Reading →

Another day to remember and show your appreciation for your old man ( Father’s day blog)

I never had the priviledge to celebrate father’s day with my dad for he passed away when I was still a kid in high school. He was my sole financial supporter and he was everything to me in the whole… Continue Reading →

Can Math and Physics cure Cancer?

I became obsessed with mathematics and physics when I was a junior in high school. Those were the two subjects which I spent most of my time studying. Many of my friends and classmates studied for the sake of passing… Continue Reading →

The excitement over a possible new particle

The discovery of the Higgs Boson back in 2012 was another victory for the standard model. It is by far the best theory we have in describing how the fundamental particles are interacting with each other at the subatomic level… Continue Reading →

Einstein and Pi- Day

March 14 is the closest calendrical approximation of pi and this year it falls on Sunday of 2021. This so called pi-day is celebrated every year by not only the scientifically minded folks but to the general public around the… Continue Reading →

A Personal Creed: Three major influences in my life

As a child growing up in Hong Kong, my performance in school was below the required standard especially when it came to mathematics.  I failed mathematics all the way through 7th grade and it was the most horrific subject for… Continue Reading →

Another victory of General Relativity ( Valentine Blog)

Once again General Relativity has declared a victory in the world of science. On Feb 11, 2016, scientists have officially claimed the discovery of gravitational waves, the last piece of phenomenon predicted 100 years ago by Albert Einstein when he… Continue Reading →

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