I must admit that I am very fortunate to be able to travel to so many different countries in the past 30 years from Asia to Europe, Australia to Africa, and the United Kingdom for Xmas holidays and summer vacations. This pandemic year is the first time which I am not travelling abroad for the Xmas holidays but to stay on American soil in my favorite city of sin, Las Vegas. In the beginning I made a fuzz about not being able to travel abroad but then I felt a little guilty as time went by. While I am enjoying this glamorous city of Las Vegas, I realize there are so many others who are facing difficult time putting food on the table, they suffer from losing their loved ones due to Covid 19, and many are unemployed due to the economic shut down. This holidays season is sure very different for many people as they are fighting hard time to get by on a day to day basis. I am truly blessed that I still have a stable career, debt free and able to travel to the glamorous Las Vegas for the Xmas New year holidays.

While the bay area is completely shut down, here in Las Vegas where everything is opened including dine in/ out restaurants, bars, beauty hair nail salons and retail stores. Although I have been to Vegas 100 times or more, it is my first time spending Xmas and New year in this fabulous vibrant city filled with Xmas spirits and I know I am at the best spot on this planet for the next 2 weeks. No complaints at all but only true appreciation of where I am in my life and I can’t ask for more. This year which is very much like last when I was in Hawaii, I feel very peaceful spending my birthday and the Xmas holidays on my own while staying away from all the negativity of the people and all the unnecessary dramas. I took sometimes gathering with a few friends and simply enjoying the laughs and the good times we shared with each other. I am determined to cut off from those faked, pretentious and manipulative people for they are poisonous and miserable to be with.

Now the city of sin is getting ready for the New Year count down on Dec 31 but I am not sure if there will be fireworks elsewhere since they cancelled that event which was supposed to be held in downtown Las Vegas due to the increase of covid 19 cases and certainly this New Year is going to be very different from the previous but we are hoping for a much better 2021.Traffic on New Year’s eve was a mess and not fun at all driving in Las Vegas during any holidays although I am so used to it, I wouldn’t advise people to drive. Today is New Year and I am just taking it easy as I will be driving back to the bay area on Saturday hoping that traffic will be light.

All in all it has been a wonderful vacation just getting away from the bay area. Here I wish everyone a happy New Year to good health and positive mind filled with positive people. Life is precious and I treasure every minute of it.